Goals: The Difference Between Saving & Spending


You’re not going to lose twenty pounds without shedding that first five. And you’re not going to save $1,000,000 without adding half a dozen zeroes to an initial $1. That potential is within all of us, but just as counting calories is a joyless way to lose weight, pinching pennies without reward is like ordering boring for dinner with a side of snooze.

That’s why we have goals: to spice things up.

Before setting what those goals are for you, dream big [see more on Identifying Goals]. Make your savings a goal worth striving for. Then challenge yourself to:

  1. SAVE like you mean it and memorize this: Savers Always Veto Extras.
  2. Save with discipline by dumping pocket change into your goal jar instead of a cookie jar. Then, keep your hands out of it!
  3. Save with style by hanging pictures associated with your goals in prominent places.
  4. Save for each other by roping your family and friends into your money saving scheme. Have them check in with you, and encourage them to set goals of their own.
  5. Save because you can.

The only real difference between being you and the millionaire version of you is simple: one million little dollars, saved one cent at a time.